Zero Trust benefits remote and hybrid work by securing new devices on the network

zero trust cyber service

70% of remote workers admit to using a personal device to access a work-related network. And this wave of new devices has opened new cybersecurity threats and challenges. That’s why the benefits of Zero Trust security have become so important and especially for remote work. Furthermore, Zero Trust gained increased attention when the White House … Read more

SecOps roles and responsibilities: What function stops the attacks

secops roles and responsibilities

SecOps means security and IT. it’s a team skilled in monitoring and assessing risks. You guessed it helps protect the company’s assets and operates from a SOC (Security Operations Center). It’s an open book that cyber-attacks are rampant and to deal with the challenge, the team came into being. More so during the peak pandemic … Read more

Do you believe we should get paid for the online data that’s collected about us?

Best online privacy protection services

Your online browsing history is very private. Only you can see it and no one else. That’s when the best online privacy protection services come into play. If someone follows you everywhere, that person’s a stalker and could go to jail. Traveling online is the same as traveling in public. Your computers also contain your … Read more