Dry eyes? Heated eye mask to the rescue

heated eye mask for dry eyes

Heated eye mask for dry eyes is part of the Eye Therapeutics meta-trend. Dry eye syndrome is on the rise. Approximately 15% of the US population now suffers from this problem. The reasons? An older population (approximately 18% of adults over the age of 75 suffer from chronic dry eyes). Also, people are spending more … Read more

Difference between ITOps and SecOps

Difference between ITOps and SecOps

ITOps stands for IT operations. It’s your traditional operations mixed with modern practices. Basic ITOps functions in its fundamental form, ITOps involves delivering and maintaining service applications, and technologies and supports the infrastructure that runs them. You can think of it as software development and IT infrastructure management at the same time. Job titles such … Read more

Why we should avoid SMS as practically as possible

Mobile phone with a chat bubble showing

You have had SMS messages since the birth of mobile phones because their functionality was to make and receive calls, and send text messages. Every mobile network operator supports SMS. But as with technology something better always comes along. Not that people have stopped using SMS; alternatives like Signal and Telegram exist. The advantage SMS … Read more

End-to-end encryption in an app explained

A padlock and a key

Understanding encryption is important because if you’re not careful, your messages, notes, etc. are subject to spying by hackers or surveillance agencies.

Apps like Signal, Session, Mullvad VPN, Standard Notes, Ente.io, etc. are end-to-end encrypted offering you privacy online.