A secret tool you type your info into to see if it has information… while probably collecting info… Classic!

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Facebook would have your number even if you did not provide it to them. “How so?” You ask. Well… Meta has its ways Remember when back in the day you’d provide all sorts of information to Facebook to sign up? That’s how. The services combined boast 3 billion people. So it has half of the … Read more

The app that’s addicting your kids

Since its inception, TikTok has been under scrutiny for a variety of reasons. The app has been accused of being addictive and harmful to privacy, as well as manipulating its users into using the app more and more. Despite these concerns, TikTok continues to witness extraordinary growth, with no sign that usage is slowing down. … Read more

Why we should avoid SMS as practically as possible

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You have had SMS messages since the birth of mobile phones because their functionality was to make and receive calls, and send text messages. Every mobile network operator supports SMS. But as with technology something better always comes along. Not that people have stopped using SMS; alternatives like Signal and Telegram exist. The advantage SMS … Read more