Dry eyes? Heated eye mask to the rescue

heated eye mask for dry eyes

Heated eye mask for dry eyes is part of the Eye Therapeutics meta-trend. Dry eye syndrome is on the rise. Approximately 15% of the US population now suffers from this problem. The reasons? An older population (approximately 18% of adults over the age of 75 suffer from chronic dry eyes). Also, people are spending more … Read more

Difference between ITOps and SecOps

Difference between ITOps and SecOps

ITOps stands for IT operations. It’s your traditional operations mixed with modern practices. Basic ITOps functions in its fundamental form, ITOps involves delivering and maintaining service applications, and technologies and supports the infrastructure that runs them. You can think of it as software development and IT infrastructure management at the same time. Job titles such … Read more

A secret tool you type your info into to see if it has information… while probably collecting info… Classic!

ecstatic surprise computer

Facebook would have your number even if you did not provide it to them. “How so?” You ask. Well… Meta has its ways Remember when back in the day you’d provide all sorts of information to Facebook to sign up? That’s how. The services combined boast 3 billion people. So it has half of the … Read more

Zero Trust benefits remote and hybrid work by securing new devices on the network

zero trust cyber service

70% of remote workers admit to using a personal device to access a work-related network. And this wave of new devices has opened new cybersecurity threats and challenges. That’s why the benefits of Zero Trust security have become so important and especially for remote work. Furthermore, Zero Trust gained increased attention when the White House … Read more

IoT security software: Making sure your organization is protected against cyber threats that are on the rise

IoT security software fortify your organization against cyber threats

IoT privacy and security solutions helps to control IoT networks by encrypting data transmitted between devices and the cloud. This ensures that only authorized users have access to the network, and that any sensitive data is protected from cybercrime or breaches. Cloud-based solutions are a growing trend in IoT security because they can handle entire … Read more

The app that’s addicting your kids

Since its inception, TikTok has been under scrutiny for a variety of reasons. The app has been accused of being addictive and harmful to privacy, as well as manipulating its users into using the app more and more. Despite these concerns, TikTok continues to witness extraordinary growth, with no sign that usage is slowing down. … Read more