Do you believe we should get paid for the online data that’s collected about us?

Best online privacy protection services

Your online browsing history is very private. Only you can see it and no one else. That’s when the best online privacy protection services come into play. If someone follows you everywhere, that person’s a stalker and could go to jail. Traveling online is the same as traveling in public. Your computers also contain your … Read more

A no BS guide to using a VPN

What is a VPN & why do I need it? A VPN offers anonymity to online users. VPN creates an encryption tunnel for your internet traffic to travel through it. Anyone watching is unable to see which website you’re visiting. Your online activity becomes invisible. A VPN has servers that render your IP appear from … Read more

Biggest flex from Netflix is their thumbnail artwork

You understand that we Sapiens are visual animals, yes? You and I can move our eyes 3-4x per second to process information. And we analyze images in as little as 13 milliseconds. In 2014, Netflix consumer research showed that their thumbnail artwork: Influences people the most with content selection and watching it. Is the focus … Read more