Companies that use dark patterns

the dark (patterns) side of ux design

The dark side of UX design uses design choices to steer people into making decisions. Under normal situations, they wouldn’t make them. subscribing after a visual cue is straightforward. it’s when you decide to opt out. the opt-out button is either hidden on pages people don’t read. or compared to the subscribe button, is smaller. … Read more

Will you be my crypto Valentine?

Bitcoin & Ethereum coin placed over a red and white fur

With Valentine’s Day just a day away, the FBI has warned about Romance scams involving cryptocurrency. A romance scam involves creating a fake account and convincing an unwary victim to send funds of some kind in the hope of getting romantic with the scammer. Unsurprisingly, the FBI is concerned about cryptocurrency payments seeping into the … Read more

Why are emergency email addresses lifesaver and how to set them up

You can generate and save multiple passwords and store them through password managers in a single click. The facial recognition and fingerprint support have similarly made logging in to your accounts easier. However, with ease comes the fact what if you’re locked out. Yes, getting locked out of your account is the most frustrating experience. … Read more

Ethereum killer and blockchain trilemma

Blocks of data on blockchain nodes connected to each other

Solana is dubbed as an Ethereum killer. While there have been other coins too, Solana has remained a popular one and occupies a spot in the top 10 cryptocurrencies today. It promised the best of Ethereum but at a fraction of a cost. The downside for Ethereum is its (ETH) gas fee which is insane! … Read more

Supabase: Why not use Firebase to implement push notifications? Is it for privacy concerns?

Supabase open source alternative to Firebase

Supabase open source alternative to Firebase is a bold claim. Firebase exists as a complete solution with offerings like authentication, file storage, serverless functions, SDK, etc. Firebase has a ton of features but the main attraction is Supabase’s open-source technology. You can host Supabase on your machine – as a cloud provider and Docker container. … Read more

UX writing and why you should ditch politeness

Person typing on a MacBook with books on user experience beside

A UX writer’s job is to write copy for apps and text for buttons. As a UX writer you can add value (read: give second opinion) about the flow of your digital product once it’s complemented with text. It makes for improved user experience. You have to look at the copy from three angles: Clarity … Read more

El Salvador and her Bitcoin play

Bitcoin and dollar note

IMF has asked El Salvador to drop Bitcoin as legal tender, repeatedly. But the country has responded by saying “No international organization is going to make us do anything, anything at all”. The statement of Treasury Minister Alejandro Zelaya reflects El Salvador President and Bitcoin advocate Nayib Bukele stance. Tense relationship between IMF and El … Read more